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4ward Thinking - Testimonials


I've suffered with knee pain/injury on and off for 25 years. After a couple of operations on my left knee 20 years ago following a ballet accident, I had a few (almost) pain-free years, but then started to have problems with both knees. In 2006, I had an operation on my right knee to repair torn cartilage and assess a partial tear to my anterior cruciate ligament, following a kick-boxing accident. In 2009, I had exploratory double knee surgery. According to the latest evaluation, apart from the anterior cruciate ligament tear, I have a degree of osteoarthritis in both knees.

Over the years I've had increasing pain and instability in my knees, and frequent relapses, despite seeing multiple physios (NHS and private). By the time of my last couple of operations, I was struggling to do even the most basic exercises - the physios said it didn't matter how much it hurt or whether it was damaging my knees, I had to “push through the pain” and do the exercises, however, despite my efforts, I'd progress a little then have a relapse. Overall I felt like I was going backwards, and by February 2011 I'd lost a lot of muscle mass, as well as a lot of confidence. I'd been in pain every single day for nearly a year, and was really pretty down about things. Everything had become an ordeal - sitting for long periods was painful (I began to hate car trips and was in complete agony the last time I was on a plane); standing up/sitting down/bending/kneeling were all difficult or impossible without pain; walking down slopes was slow and jarring. And then there were stairs... I can't tell you how awful stairs were and how much I dreaded them.

In my first assessment with Darren, he straightaway saw what the problem was. His holistic approach to fitness was exactly what I needed - where others only saw weak quads, Darren saw multiple weak areas all of which impact on knee stability and might cause pain. He knew which exercises would be best to get me mobile and painfree again, and also that sports massage would help speed up my progress and keep me painfree between sessions.

We started with a mixture of simple, but effective exercises which work all aspects of core stability, gluts and leg muscles. Darren constantly monitors to ensure that I perform the exercises correctly and so gain the maximum benefit. Most importantly, all of his exercises are pain-free and achievable. If I struggle with an exercise, Darren instantly re-formulates it so that I can continue to train without fear of pain or the worry that I might be doing something wrong. We've built a relationship of real trust because he's shown me time and time again that what I do with him won't have bad consequences.

Looking back, I imagine I wasn't an easy client at the beginning; I was so worried about doing anything that might cause pain, I was always trying to protect my knees and I had a huge fear of pain/re-injury. I questioned every exercise with “Are you sure it's ok to do that?”, “I'm afraid of damaging something”. But whilst he listened to my fears and was patient, Darren was also firm and positive – with a good sense of humour! He's encouraged me to move out of my comfort zone and get the most out of our training sessions.

I've been training with Darren for just under a year now and have made really good progress, with not a single relapse. I've gained muscle mass and strength, and I'm mobile again and painfree.  I wholeheartedly recommend Darren – he is a highly effective trainer, whose comprehensive and painless approach to rehabilitation has proven extremely successful and has opened up a whole host of options for me again.


September 2011

Darren is a highly skilled, psychologically minded fitness trainer. Since I started training he has helped me increase my fitness level significantly. He has great expertise and uses his skills to motivate substantial progress whilst at the same time making targets achievable. He is reliable, conscientious and straight forward. I can recommend him without any reservation.

Jill Canvin

Moving to Devizes in 2008, I decided that gym membership in itself would not be enough to maintain and improve fitness. Darren has motivated and pushed me beyond my self-imposed limitations, and all with balanced consideration and good humor!

Having long struggled with a stiff upper back, I now have a monthly sports massage; my back health is undoubtedly much better as a result. This is all part of Darren's exceptionally professional, holistic and bespoke approach to fitness and well-being. I cannot speak too highly of Darren, and recommend him wholeheartedly.

The Reverend Justin Bradbury

I have been running for over 10 years and have always maintained a good level of fitness, however I was starting to lose motivation as my running times were not as they were pre-baby.  Darren has therefore been working with me to build strength, increase stamina and improve my speed.  He has also changed my attitude towards diet and the important role food plays on performance.  As a result, I not only achieved a PB in my running club's time trial but I also came first, proof that all of the hard work was worth it! 

Darren is very personable, our training sessions are fun no matter how tough they are, but he is always very professional and sensitive to any concerns I may have.  If you are serious about your training or your personal goal, Darren will without doubt help you achieve it, he comes highly recommended!

Kerry Jones

April 2011

I trained with Darren from september 2010 after returning from my potential royal marines course, although having a good level of fitness it was clear i needed more structured and challenging sessions. Using non conventional methods and regular methods of training ,suitable to the type of training the royal marines. Darren increased my fitness to a level at which i was physically stronger and more mentally focused.
Thanks to Darren I achieved my goals and passed the potential royal marines course and start recruit training in march.
  I would highly recommend Darren to anybody!   

Sam Brazier

March 2011

I first started seeing Darren aged 17 in 2007 after key hole surgery on my knees, at the time I was also seeing a physiotherapist and Darren helped me both with my physio exercises and also with my general fitness. I have continued to see Darren over the last two years in which time I have had two more surgeries on my knees. Darren has helped me build up strength in my knee and has also helped increase my general fitness to the point that I am once again able to go running.

David Canty

Jan 2011

I recently passed my potential royal marine course to grant me entry into the Royal Marines basic training. Darren was my personal trainer during my preparation for this. When I started I couldn't even run for 10 minutes but after a year of training I was able run 3 miles in under 20 mins and complete the Marine 2 hour endurance run in full military gear. Darren's training was tough and varied but improved my fitness to a level I could not have achieved on my own, but also gave me the mental toughness I needed to pass the marine test as he did all the training what he thought i may come across with me. If you want to achieve your fitness goals, and your not afraid of some hard work, no matter what they are Darren is your man.

Adam Bentley

February 2009

I trained with Darren for 12 months until relocating to the South Coast last year.

50 years old, overweight and with hypertension Darren constructed a training programme that suited both my condition and aspirations. Relying mainly on the resistance of my own bodyweight he built up my core muscles and increased my stamina to the point where I could train at an intense level.

This was the first time I had enlisted the help of a PT after many years of failed gym membership. Darren's knowledge and methods of training keep each session fresh and interesting. Training along side you to push that extra metre or repetition from you the sessions can and will be changed to suit rather than following a set routine.

I was sorry I had to give up as I am sure that with Darren I would have reached all my goals.

Paul Kelly

February 2009

After gaining a lot of weight, the prospect of joining a gym was very intimidating and I opted to go for a personal trainer. Darren discussed my reasons for wanting to work with him and took all my plans onboard and tailor made a workout to reach my required goals.

Workouts are hard but enjoyable. No two sessions are the same, they are always varied. Darren knows exactly how far to push you to ensure you get the most out of each training session. Darren's determination to help you succeed in your goals is key to achieving them.

Darren is professional and friendly and always smiling! Weakness is not one of his strong points! As you will find out!

All in all, Darren is positive, friendly and good fun to train with.

Philip Trumble

January 2009

To be honest I was a little apprehensive and self-conscious when I first began training with Darren, but this very quickly turned into enthusiasm and determination simply because Darren is just so good at what he does.  He instantly picks up on your training abilities and his encouragement and positive attitude makes you want to achieve everything in the training sessions.  Darren is extremely personable and professional, the amount of knowledge he holds on different types of training, specialist information and diet programmes is very impressive indeed.  Having said all that each training session is varied which makes it appealing and more fun than you would ever imagine.   If you get the chance to have training with Darren – go for it!

Jane Joyce.

October 2008

I was 50, weighed 19 stone, drank too much and could barely run 100 yards when I first met Darren six months ago. I have been seeing him once, occasionally twice a week then and have been steadily built up my fitness to the point where I now run six miles without too much pain. He is supportive but demanding and can do terrible things with a flight of stairs and a few weights. He keeps the sessions varied and interesting and thinks I'm just about ready for my first half marathon. I'm now 51, feel and look much better but still drink too much. Hey, life's short.

Richard Parrack

December 2007

"I have been training with Darren now for the past 2 years and in that time he has made me realise and achieve my potential. I'm telling you now it wont be easy, but Darren's motivational skills are excellent, his knowledge of the industry vast, and I for one consider myself very fortunate to have met up with him".

Gary Joyce

October 2006

A year ago I joined my local gym, unfit and unmotivated-then I started working with Darren.

He has created tailor-made programmes that have evolved with my improving levels of fitness. That and his consistent support, encouragement and exceptional motivational skills have helped me achieve and surpass my goals.

In May 2006 I entered my first competitive race. The result-5km in 22 minutes-6th place in a total of over 1,000 runners.

I cannot recommend Darren highly enough, the results speak for themselves.

Claire Williams

August 2006

If you want to get fit and you are someone who is prepared to work, I can think of nobody better to supervise your training than Darren. It won't be easy but you will achieve results. Among his many abilities he is an excellent motivator, and also he can speak from experience...he's been there, seen it, done it.

Richard Hill

September 2005

Darren has the ability and capability of teaching both young and old alike. His process of establishing their needs is one, which puts him a cut above the rest. To be fair, this is his hallmark. A high level trainer, who understands how to get the best out of his students. Ultimately they become so engrossed in his technical ability and teaching style they almost lose themselves, allowing him to push them to limits they never thought possible.

Nick Lowe
4th Dan Judo Coach

June 2005

I was reassured straight away by Darren’s knowledge and experience.  He has provided a wealth of useful information on healthy eating and how to exercise more effectively and gain much better results.

My physical tone, weight and fitness have all improved.  The workouts are dynamic and fun to do.  The training sessions are different each time and take place indoors, outdoors, using weights, the studio. Darren does each exercise alongside me and the variety keeps the workouts interesting.

Darren’s motivational techniques are positively frightening. Darren has a very positive outgoing nature. He is highly motivational and keeps the work outs varied and fun.

I have never had such visible results as quickly, with any other method of fitness training, or weight loss programme.  My strength and stamina have dramatically improved and I enjoy the feeling of well being that I have gained from the training sessions.

Jo Gyllenspetz